Promotional Products, when done right, are more than just another item with your logo and name on it. The product should enhance your company's Brand Image, should be something your prospect is going to use on a daily basis. When the right item is selected, from the 10's of thousands available to choose from, you will be telling your prospect that you pay attention to even the smallest detail.

Insignia Graphics will help you select the right promotional product for your business, and for your customers, to enhance your brand and make your business be remembered.

Promotional Products

  • Brand Building and Recognition – People buy products and services from brands they recognize. Recognition develops trust, trust leads to sales.
  • Reinforce your Message – personalized promotional products, especially when given out at a Trade Show, carry your message beyond the contact point
  • Targeted Message – promotional products, with your logo, your brand, specifically target your audience and keep your business in mind.
  • Repeated Viewing – An ad in the paper or a magazine is viewed once, maybe twice by each viewer. But promotional products will be viewed repeatedly, as the item is used, maybe every day, by your prospect. When they need your product or service, your number is already in their hand or on their desk.

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