Q. I'm starting a new business. How can Insignia Graphics help me?
A. Starting a business can be a demanding task. It's easy to get overwhelmed when putting together all the parts of a successful brand identity. Insignia Graphics specializes in helping startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses develop customized, high-quality corporate identities and branding. Working with a one-stop-studio such as Insignia Graphics allows you to keep your message and identity consistent and will save you the hassle of overseeing multiple vendors.

Q. What is visual marketing?
A. Simply put, visual marketing is all of the creative and visual materials used to advertise, promote, market or sell your product, service, or message to a targeted audience.

Q. What goes into designing my logo?
A. With logos you get what you pay for. You may think that a costly logo may seem like a waste of money when you are first starting out in business, but consider all the things it will be placed on and all the people who will see it. Your logo will represent your business on business cards, stationery, website, flyers and all of your visual marketing materials. If done porly then it won't do its job. Learn more about Insignia Graphics’ logo design steps.

Q. What do you charge for your services?
A. This is a difficult question to answer because every project is different and unique. Prices depend on a number of different variants— overall size of the finished project, number of items needed, will print-ready files be provided? These are just a few of the question that need to be answered before pricing can be determined. If you would like us to price out a job for you, give us a call today.

Q. What types of graphic design services do you provide?
• Our types of graphic design services include but not limited to:

Q. What is a vector image? What is a raster image?
A. Vector images are created with a series of lines and curves. These type of graphics are typically used for die-cutting or CAD cutting. The lines and curves use a mathematical formula, through the help of image software like Adobe Illustrator, which allows scaling without loss of image quality. Typical vector formats include EPS, WMF, AI, CDR, DXF, SVG, and PLT.

Raster images are created using a series of dots or pixels and are typically used for printing. Each pixel is given a value based on the RGB color system and created for use on a digital display. These low resolution images are perfect for use on web pages, due to size, and will often come in these formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF. The resolution for images like these is expressed in DPI or dots per inch.